Shiyan Culture, Tourism and Sports Investment Group Xuanyue Guanxuan Tourism Co., Ltd. and Happy Guokang Group started strategic cooperation

Strong and powerful teams

Boost the health of Wudang


June 28th

Happy Guokang Group

Xuanyue Official Publicity Tourism Development of Shiyan Culture, Tourism and Sports Investment Group

limited company


Strategic cooperation agreement



Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages

Carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation

Jointly build the National Health Home Wudang Mountain Health Base

Provide more professional services for customers across the country

More comfortable health tourism and holiday service



Health care apartment



Nutritional Diet Center



Health Management Center



Happy Life Center



Fruit and vegetable picking base



Residential Service Center

(The above picture is from the National Health Home - Yunnan Yuanmou Health Base)

Xuanyue official promotion of tourism development in Shiyan Culture, Tourism and Sports Investment Group

Under the coordination of the limited company

Happy Guokang Group and Wudang Mountain Hotel

Wudang Mountain Jianguo Hotel, Qingxin Bieyuan Hotel

Funingju Hotel, Puzhiyuan Inn, Feng Xiaoguan Inn

And other units have established cooperative relations



Wudang Mountain Jianguo Hotel



Wudang Mountain Hotel


Cooperation objectives

Jointly integrate Shiyan regional hotels and accommodation

High-quality scenic spots, travel transportation, local cuisine

Cultural leisure, characteristic routes and other health tourism resources

Meet more customer needs

Cooperation significance

The successful signing of the strategic agreement opened

The milestone of cooperation between Shiyan Culture, Tourism and Sports Investment Group Xuanyue Guanxuan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Xingfu Guokang Group Shiyan Culture, Tourism and Sports Investment Group Xuanyue Guanxuan Tourism Development Co., Ltd

Give full play to geographical advantages and the credibility of state-owned enterprises

Happy Guokang Group actively integrates domestic tourism and health care customer resources

Integrate upstream and downstream enterprise elements of regional industrial chain

Deeply tap the market potential and concentrate on professional services

Jointly build the service brand of culture, tourism and health care industry

For the great cause of regional economic development and healthy China

Make your due contribution!




Introduction to Xingfu Guokang Group
  Headquartered in Beijing, Xingfu Guokang Group is a comprehensive health care industry investment management group with businesses covering three major areas: industrial real estate investment, health care base operation, and medical education services. The Group actively implements the healthy China strategy, integrates the development and construction resources of the whole country, arranges the health care and living base and medical and health service operation, and creates a closed-loop happy and healthy ecological industrial system. At present, the Group has invested and constructed health industrial parks, happy health towns, health care demonstration bases and many medical institutions in many places across the country, and is committed to building a leading health care industry investment and operation service provider in China. It is estimated that by 2024, there will be more than 25 health care bases in Guokang Home, covering the major health care provinces and regions in the country. The service system of Guokang Home will be embedded in each project to meet the needs of customers in the country.

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Archaeological significant results! Third fossilized ancient human skull found at Utopian site

On September 28, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage "Archaeological China" major project important progress work will be released, following the discovery of two ancient human skull fossils about 1 million years ago in 1989, 1990 in Hubei Xuedang Liangzi site, another ancient human skull fossils, named The fossil skull of "Utopian" No. 3 was found only 30 meters away from the excavation site of the first two skulls. The degree of preservation is extremely rare, experts say this is the most complete ancient human skull fossil of the same time inland Eurasia seen so far.

Dragon culture theme tourism planning case: take the overall planning of the Wulong River Grand Canyon scenic spot in Shiyan City, Hubei Province as an example

The Wulong River Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in the Qinling Mountains in the west of Hubei Province. It is about three hours' drive from Wuhan and 220 kilometers' drive from Xi'an. The scenic spot is close to National Highway 316 and 20 kilometers from the entrance and exit of Yinwu Expressway. The scenic area is crisscross with mountains. It is named the Wulong River Grand Canyon because of its five narrow water areas that look like dragons. The canyon has a total length of more than 100 li and an altitude drop of 550 meters. It runs through the five rivers in Hubei and Shaanxi, and has the reputation of "Jiuzhaigou in Northwest Hubei". The drainage area is 121 square kilometers, with 1345 species of plants, more than 100 species of animals, and four major waterfalls, such as Yinlian Jiasi, with famous Guantan, Flash Pond, and Lei Pond. The beaches, pools, and cascading waterfalls in the scenic area are connected. There are plenty of myths and legends, such as hearing that the Great Master died at Jue Long Ridge, and the battle between Huang Tianhua and Jinji Ridge. Many legends of dragon culture are also widely spread in the region. The ancient ape-man site of Bailong Cave in the scenic spot has been identified for 800000 years.

Instructions for the preparation of the "Shiyan City Tourism Development Plan"

In order to further implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and the provincial government on vigorously developing the whole region tourism, and implement the spirit of the provincial tourism development conference, Shiyan tourism development has always adhered to the principle of "overall planning, integrated resources, systematic marketing, and co-construction and sharing". According to the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Territorial Tourism issued by the General Office of the State Council and the Implementation Opinions of the People's Government of Hubei Province on Promoting Territorial Tourism, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism organized the preparation of the Shiyan Territorial Tourism Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan).

Sweet Small Guide Cup Shiyan Olympic Sports Center Operation Scheme Competition

In order to revitalize the state-owned assets, Shiyan Culture, Tourism and Sports Investment Group took the initiative to give play to the innovation momentum of the "culture, tourism and sports business". Aiming at the Shiyan Olympic Sports Center, it used creative thinking, innovative products, and unique creation to break through the bottleneck of venue operation, inject new genes into the functional positioning, operation mode, product form, supporting facilities and other fields of the venue, and collect operation planning plans nationwide. The Shiyan Olympic Sports Center Operation Plan Design Competition was specially held.

Sweet Small Guide Cup Tourism Route Design Competition

In order to show the style of "Shiyan is a city with mountains and rivers", spread Shiyan culture, tell a good story about Shiyan, meet the needs of tourists, form a product system based on the integration of Shiyan tourism resources, and widely collect tourism routes from the society.

Shiyan "Historical Celebrity Activation Project" and "Historical Culture Activation Project" Cultural Industry Entrepreneurship Project Competition and Cultural Creative Product Design Competition

In order to earnestly implement the strategy of "shaping the city through culture" of Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, deeply explore the historical and cultural resources of Shiyan, continue to promote the "Historical Celebrity Activation Project" and "Historical and Cultural Activation Project" of Shiyan, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent historical culture, and accelerate the construction of Shiyan green low-carbon development demonstration area, Decided to hold the Shiyan "Historical Celebrity Activation Project" and "Historical and Cultural Activation Project" Cultural Industry Entrepreneurship Project Competition and Cultural Creative Product Design Competition