Zixu Lake Happy Carnival

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Zixu Lake · Happy Carnival

1: Introduction to Scenic Area

Zixu Lake · Happy Carnival is located in China's Yunyang Zixu Lake Leisure and Tourism Resort, bordering the Han River, covering an area of 1500 mu. It is a diversified large-scale theme park integrating large-scale amusement facilities, vanilla culture education, butterfly science popularization study, animal feeding experience, fire safety education, parent-child interaction experience, scene exploration, foreign culture, and customs business street. The project is constructed with functional blocks such as Jiuqu Flower Street, Fairy Town, QQ Paradise, Dream Kingdom, Flower and Butterfly Fair, Animal Paradise, Fire Theme Paradise, Moon Lake Bay, Romantic Garden, Colorful Paradise, etc.

2: Featured Experience

(1) Jiuqu Flower Street -- refreshing scenery

(2) Fairy Tale Town --- A Paradise of Romance and Joy

(3) QQ Paradise - unlimited fun for parents and children

(4) Fantasy Kingdom --- True and Fantasy

(5) Animal Paradise --- Happy Experience of Cute Pet Gathering

(6) Moon Lake Bay - a unique style strolling around the world

(7) Romantic Garden --- full of fragrance and beauty

(8) Colorful Paradise - Extremely stimulating and valuable experience

(9) Fire education theme park - everyone is responsible for fire safety

(10) Flowers and Butterflies --- Four Seasons Aroma Research Base

3: Booking Instructions

[Way to enter the park] For online ticket purchase, you need to exchange the ticket card at the ticket window of the scenic spot with the verification code

[Time of admission]

9:30-16:30 (The business hours will be extended during the theme activities, see the publicity of the scenic spot for details)

[Reservation time] You can book today before 17:00, and it will be available immediately after reservation

[Address] Happy Carnival, Zixu Lake, Yunyang District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province

4、 Rules for returning and modifying

1. Tickets sold online will not be refunded or exchanged once paper tickets are taken out or electronic tickets are used;

2. Refunds can be made at any time if the online ticket is not consumed. Automatic refund for overdue non consumption. The rescheduling is not supported after the order is placed.

5、 Preferential policies for scenic spots

[Free admission]

Free ticket object: children under 1.2m can enter the park for free accompanied by adults


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