Hanfu show, lantern making, moon cake sending These happy pictures form the Mid Autumn Festival of Shiyan people!

Happy holidays
A full moon brings people together
On the bright moon group Luan day, when the whole family gets together
In a few days, it will be August 15 of the lunar calendar
Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mid Autumn Festival is engraved with history
It was first seen that Zhou Li was scheduled for the Tang Dynasty
The Mid Autumn Festival became prosperous after the Song Dynasty
Parallel with Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day and Dragon Boat Festival
Become a whole year
One of the four most important traditional festivals
In order to welcome the arrival of the festival
Various wonderful activities have been held all over the city
Celebrate the festival together
These simple little happiness
The Mid Autumn Festival of Shiyan people
Eating the Mid Autumn Festival
Delicious mooncake DIY
On September 8, the Zhangwan District Taxation Bureau held the theme activity of "Going Together in the Mid Autumn Festival Tax Month", and invited 11 new civil servants and 5 young cadres from other places who could not return home this Mid Autumn Festival to work together to make moon cakes to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival in advance.
On September 8, under the guidance of volunteers in Fangtan Township, Zhangwan District, the students in Fangtan Township Central Primary School kneaded the skin powder by themselves, wrapped the filling in the moon cake skin, and pressed it in their favorite mold. They made the moon cake with full sincerity and gave it to the teacher to express their gratitude.
Happy Mid Autumn Festival
Enjoy wonderful activities
Under the guidance of teachers, children in the kindergarten of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce made sweet "osmanthus honey" and gave it to their beloved teachers and parents. The children also made lanterns with different characteristics, and they guessed riddles together to experience the fun of traditional festivals.
Longmen Primary School in Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone held a series of performance activities of Hanfu Show. Teachers and students wore different traditional costumes and showed the charm of traditional etiquette between every move, making people feel like walking through the tunnel of time, returning to the Han and Tang Dynasties, and witnessing the prosperous times.
The students of Class 6, Grade 3, Wuyan Primary School, dressed in Chinese clothes and ancient clothes, made decorations for the Mid Autumn Festival and recited ancient poems about the moon and reunion under the guidance of their teachers.
On the morning of September 9, the Shiyan City Mass Art Museum and Yanlin Community of Wuyan Street jointly held the Mid Autumn Festival cultural performance. The theatrical performance kicked off in the group dance "Mountain Laughs, Water Laughs, People Laugh". The music, poetry and painting group "When is the Moon?", the female solo "May Life Last", and the Henan opera singing "The Morning Sunshine Reflects on Yangcheng Lake" and other wonderful performances took turns. The whole scene was brilliant in literature and art, winning applause from residents.
The students from the Handicraft Association of No. 1 Middle School in Zhuxi County played their imaginations and combined the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival and the myths and legends to carry out the Mid Autumn Festival lantern making activity. The students attached exquisite patterns to the Mid Autumn Festival verses and thanksgiving teachers' wishes, and drew them on the lanterns as holiday gifts to the beloved teachers.
On September 6, Yunyang District Women's Federation organized the family civilization construction activity of "jointly building a civilized family in the Mid Autumn Festival". Nearly 10 groups of families participated in activities to jointly create a civilized, healthy, festive and peaceful festival atmosphere. We emphasize custom, parent-child rhythm, making lanterns and moon cakes. Parents and children learn traditional culture together and make lanterns and moon cakes. In the laughter and laughter, delicate and full moon cakes are presented on the table. The scene was a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere.
On September 8, Zhuxi County Highway Maintenance Center organized the highway system staff to record videos on the beautiful demonstration road section under their jurisdiction, and conveyed the wishes of the highway maintenance staff through the Mid Autumn Festival network message sending activity.
Talk about the Mid Autumn Festival
Classics read aloud to spread civilization
On the evening of September 8, the People's Procuratorate of Zhushan County organized all police officers to carry out the theme activity of "Our Festival • Mid Autumn Festival". Seventeen young policemen from various internal institutions recited with sincere emotion such masterpieces as "Ode to China", "Red July", "Message from Youth", "My China", "Night of the Mid Autumn Festival", "Reciting Poems for the Mid Autumn Festival", "Night of Flowers and Moonlight on the Spring River", "Prosecutors Dream, My Poems and the Far Away", and a familiar poem outlined a beautiful scene of the Mid Autumn Festival night in the cadence of the policemen's recitation.
On September 8, Yunyang District No. 2 Middle School organized all teachers and students to hold a poetry reading and sharing meeting to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. The students either sang loudly or made a passionate confession or confided in each other, which made the audience feel the deep feelings of the Mid Autumn Festival.
Warm Mid Autumn Festival
Volunteer service warms people's hearts
On the morning of September 9, the New Era Civilization Practice Station of Tianchiya Forest Farm in Zhuxi County organized volunteers to send 80 mooncakes to 40 empty nesters in the area, so that the elderly can truly feel the warmth of the festival and the care of the society.
On September 8, volunteers from Zhuping Township, Zhushan County came to Tianying Trust Center and Zhuping Primary School in the township to sing, make mooncakes and play games with the left behind children, and sent them school supplies, love bags and holiday greetings.
In the afternoon of September 7, Xiaonangou Village New Era Civilization Practice Station in Zhongfeng Town, Zhuxi County organized a tea party themed "Our Festival · Mid Autumn Festival" to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with feelings for the elderly, and invited the elderly over 80 years old in the village to gather together to experience the thick atmosphere of the festival, so that they could spend a warm and happy Mid Autumn Festival.
On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, in order to create a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere and let drivers and passengers feel the warmth of the festival during their hurried journey, 28 stations along the Northwest Hubei Expressway, Shiyan and Xiangyang, carried out the activity of "Welcoming the Mid Autumn Festival and Sending Blessings" on site. Volunteers sent sweet mooncakes to drivers and passengers.
The moon is quietly complete, and the reading is getting longer
No matter how time changes
No matter how time goes by
Moonlight is bright and affectionate
Every Mid Autumn Festival
It's all the Chinese reunion agreement
This Mid Autumn Festival
What are you going to do
Come to the comment area and tell the editor
Civilized Shiyan Comprehensive
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◆ Civilization, make the city more warm
◆ A spiritual baptism! The 8th Shiyan Moral Model Award Ceremony was held

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