The peripheral tour dominates this year's mid-autumn holiday travel market

mid-autumn holiday travel market


Mid-autumn night, tourists in Fangshan County Xiguan impression tour.


This reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism that during the just-ended Mid-Autumn Festival mini-holiday, the city's tourists traveled mainly around short-distance tours, with most people visiting relatives and on leisure vacations, while long-distance tours showed a steady recovery. Moon viewing has driven the heat of the local night tour market, and night tour projects suitable for moon viewing are favored. The city's cultural tourism system and tourist attractions around the city, in accordance with the requirements of the normal prevention and control of the epidemic, combined with their own characteristics, the promotion of boutique tourism lines, carry out the Mid-Autumn Festival theme activities to ensure the safe and orderly and smooth operation of the holiday tourism market.
Moon viewing resorts to attract the flow of tourists to experience folklore to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival
This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, the city's weather is sunny, many people choose to night tour scenic spots to enjoy the moon and take pictures. Some of the city's A-class scenic spots increased their night tour projects in time and adjusted their business hours to 22:00, so that tourists could enjoy the moon and experience folklore activities.
The Xiguan Impression Scenic Area in Fang County has become an excellent place for moon viewing this Mid-Autumn Festival. Xiguan Impression in Fangshen County launched activities such as punching the super moon, tasting Fangshen yellow wine and Xiguan mooncakes, parade of the god of flowers + Chinese costumes and Mid-Autumn Festival theme party. To cater to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the scenic spot also made a model of the moon and hung it over the scenic spot for visitors to come and take photos and punch cards.
The Taoyuan Family B&B in Maoyou District launched a mid-autumn festival activity of hand-beaten happy cakes. Visitors made moon cakes using moon cake molds inherited for a hundred years, with both the traditional taste of food from the Qinba Mountains and the good wishes of sweet success.
In the B&B, visitors set up a case to offer the moon, drink lightly, recite poems and celebrate the moon, and spend a mid-autumn festival full of happiness. "Every year, our family comes from Xiangyang to Shiyan for the Mid-Autumn Festival, where the 'Mid-Autumn flavor' is extraordinarily strong and our daughter loves to eat local moon cakes. It is a full moon in the sky and a reunion on earth." Mr. Zhu, a tourist who came to Shiyan from Xiangyang, said.
During the Mid-Autumn Festival, night tours in the city were popular. Changhewan Scenic Area in Xigou Township, Zhangwan District, has increased the number of night tours, attracting a large number of tourists to enjoy the moon. The scenic area is full of twinkling lights, drone show and fireworks make it popular even at night. According to the demand of the festival, the farmhouse in Fangtan Township has launched a reunion feast and other special dishes. Maohuai District, Qinba Botanical Garden to carry out the Mid-Autumn star camping activities, everyone in the starry sky under the moon watching the scenery natter family.
Tourism market gradually recovered around the tour is still popular
During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the city's weather was fine and the city's tourism market steadily recovered. Influenced by the imported epidemic in Shiyan a while ago, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, compared to previous years, the enthusiasm of the public out of the city slightly reduced, replaced by the peripheral travel. Autumn breeze, the heat is receding, comfortable climatic conditions for short-distance travel has increased the diversity of options. The holiday around the tour continues to heat up, rural folklore tour, family suburban tour has become the first choice of many tourists. Utopia County double stone gou folk village on the eve of folklore "ten miles of red makeup" heritage show, Zhushan General Bingan village and other places rich and colorful leisure and tourism activities. Zhuxi County Green Love Scenic Area attracts a large number of tourists to rafting, play in the water, tea, looking for food.
Scenic area concessions continue. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the Teachers' Day, Wudang Mountain scenic area for the national teachers to carry out with a teacher's qualification card to enjoy half-price tickets; Taiji Lake scenic area, Happy Valley scenic amusement projects are carried out festival concessions, and actively promote the Hubei cultural tourism consumption vouchers for reduction. Zhushan County ShangYong cultural tourism area with the scenic spot tickets to stay in the B&B, can enjoy the ticket value of the credit, while giving afternoon tea; the sacred water lake resort launched ShakeYin attention likes to send gifts activities.
Tourism products are colorful. The city around the theme of cultural tourism, the launch of diversified cultural tourism products, to create a strong cultural atmosphere of the holiday. In order to show the characteristic cultural tourism resources and charm, the official platform of Wudang Mountain carries out the cultural and sports exhibition activities such as calligraphy and painting, non-foreign heritage and the teaching of Badaanjin, etc., the Wudang Mountain B&B "Master's Mountain" carries out the activity of "Appreciating Autumn, Sunshine Autumn, and Mid-Autumn Festival", and Xuangyue Kung Fu Martial Arts School carries forward the traditional The Xuangyue Kung Fu School promotes traditional culture and organizes students to carry out mid-autumn elegant activities. Danjiangkou City People's Art Theatre and Canglang Art Troupe carried out the "Red Literature and Art Cavalry" show in the scenic spot, and the South-North Water Diversion Project Memorial Park held a series of activities of "Lantern Appreciation Tour". (Text, picture / reporter Zhou Lun correspondent Guo Xiao)

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